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INDOLORE // photo by Juan Sebastián Rojas

INDOLORE @ SXSW 2016 // photo by Tawni Bannister /

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INDOLORE - Love Letters from Eylenda INDOLORE - Positive Girls

15 million+ streams on all digital platforms

« It’s never too late to leave the past behind. »

Exploring pop/folk-based influences like Nick Drake and Damien Rice, french indie-folk musician Indolore began his career in London in a band called Shine, opening for Sia and Morcheeba and working with British rock legend Terry Reid. His debut EP « Positive Girls » received critical acclaim all over the world. He got invited to SXSW in Austin, Texas in 2016 and then toured around Europe. Indolore recorded his last EP « Love Letters From Eylenda » in Iceland, in the magic studio of Sigur Rós. Released in 2017, « Love Letters From Eylenda » has now hit 15 million streams.
« One of the most beautiful records of the year » Indiemusic