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INDOLORE // photo by Juan Sebastián Rojas

INDOLORE @ SXSW 2016 // photo by Tawni Bannister /

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INDOLORE - Love Letters from Eylenda INDOLORE - Positive Girls

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« I’ve had several lives »

These are the first words that come to my mind when I am asked to describe my journey.
Yes, I have had many lives, professional and otherwise, I dived into different styles of music, at several times. Jazz caught me in my early days, I tried to copy as much as I could from John Coltrane and Miles Davis. But one day, I gave them up as you leave a girl before sunrise.

I went with pop, where I met two totally different people from me, I started writing songs, we had a band, Shine. The adventure lasted several years.
Having just started out, our first gig was opening for Sia in London, we did not understand what was happening. Everything was going too fast for us. Radios would play our music but we were not quite ready. After two or three years of work, we released our first album.
The English band Morcheeba liked the album a lot and took us under their wing for an epic tour of Europe where we cooed in cool pop.
One summer night I stumbled upon the movie of the birth of the Glastonbury festival. On stage were four crazy awesome guys, including an unknown (to me at the time), Terry Reid. I jumped onto the internet straight away to find him. I sent an email, I really wanted to work with him. After a few adventures, a year later, Terry came to Paris to record three of my songs on a unique EP (« A job well done » Geoff Travis – Rough Trade Records). I think it was a chance of a lifetime to work with such an outstanding talent, I was fortunate enough to grab it. This collaboration opened the door to us and to the United States including an invitation to SXSW in Austin in 2010 After that, it was like returning from an Apollo mission, life (as a group) lacked flavour. We somehow released a last album, but we couldn’t stand it anymore.

I went through my little tunnel, as many people do. I kept playing music on sundays, I started writing again, aimlessly. I swam in my melancholy, where I met Nick Drake or Jose Gonzalez on the way. And when I finally felt ready in late 2013, I presented myself with my guitar in front of microphones, I recorded a song and I thought to myself, ok, this time, you’re going to show the real you. I gave up all ideas of sophisticated, ambitious orchestration. I wanted to get closer to me. I meant « I ».
Most songs are based on vocals / guitar live tracks. I am unable to bluff when I use music as a way to express my emotions. It terrified me before diving into it but now, I do like this new life.

This new life as INDOLORE has already brought me back to America, to SXSW again, to California, to Great Britain, playing amazing festivals, meeting fantastic people. I feel so lucky and grateful. The « Positive Girls » EP has hit more than 200 000 streams on all digital platforms, it’s pure joy!

I’m just back from Iceland where I had the huge privilege to record in a magical place : Sundlaugin studio, home to the amazing Icelandic band Sigur Rós.

INDOLORE // Love Letters From Eylenda // NEW EP OUT NOW