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INDOLORE // photo by Juan Sebastián Rojas

INDOLORE @ SXSW 2016 // photo by Tawni Bannister /

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INDOLORE - Love Letters from Eylenda INDOLORE - Positive Girls

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From his distant Irish roots, Indolore has kept a happy guilt. Since his first steps and clumsy snoggings on the dunes of the French West Coast, he has sprinkled his way with a luminous melancholy. During his life in Paris, he cultivated a so-called modern romanticism, an erotic folk, between dopamine and slaps in the face. From his sudden travels, from his thoughtless love stories, he has retained and nurtured a lively and damnably tenacious flame. From his first EP « Positive Girls », he gained confidence, with the enthusiastic reception of the track « Je rêve d’é », the experience of numerous concerts alone on stage and the recognition, up to that of the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. From his following album, « Love Letters from Eylenda », recorded at Sigur Rós’ studio in Iceland, he brought back a pure, unique adventure and an indie hit, the opening song, « Let Me Find Out ».