« the melancholy of Nick Drake, the voice of Elliott Smith and the harmonies of Brian Wilson »
300K+ streams on all digital platforms (singles/EPs)
1 million+ streams/views (Playlists feat. Indolore)
New EP « Love Letters From Eylenda » OUT NOW
Recorded in Sigur Rós studio in Iceland
« One of the most beautiful records of the year » Indiemusic
« Une ballade apaisante, bienfaitrice» » Les Inrocks

New Video directed by Emma Benson

Video directed by Einar Ólafur Eyland

Video directed by Máni M. Sigfússon

Debut EP Positive Girls // 250 000 streams on all digital platforms

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Official showcasing artist @ SXSW

It’s never too late to start it all over again, never too late to hit the road and leave the past behind…