Dear Indolore, my name is Victor...

This is the true story of a message I received from Romania. It is a message from Victor, a young high school student in Vaslui, near Moldova and Ukraine:

"Dear Indolore, my name is Victor. I've been enjoying your music for some time now. Recently, my French teacher gave us an assignment: write about your favorite musical artist. I was wondering if you could give me some details about the place you grew up in or the way you found your love for music, if that's fine with you."

In a few words, Victor had just dispelled all my doubts. He answered the signal, the one I had been hiding for years in my songs thrown into the digital sea. So, without delay, with tears in my eyes, I helped Victor the best I could, I told him everything. Two weeks later, I received his answer:

"It went great! My teacher was very excited about the fact that I tried contacting you and even more excited about the fact that you replied! I'd say I did a pretty good job of presenting your story to the class and also my favorite song of yours. We listened to it and everyone liked it so I guess you now have a Romanian class full of fans. I also passed your message to my teacher and she was overwhelmed. Needless to say I got the biggest grade. Thank you a lot and keep up the good work!"

This love that I no longer expected has returned to me, a hundredfold.

Merci Victor 🖤

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